Almost History Yesterday, Yet, I am Still Here!!! Praise God!!!

Friday, May 5, 2023 was a strategic day, which God in His infinite neutralized.

My day started with a series of online Clarity Sessions with schools, who signified interests in our 2 in 1 Child Safeguarding and Protection Retainership services and programs slated for May 25, 26 & 27, 2023.

My first physical meeting was at Alausa with my sister and friend, Mrs. Lola Vivour-Adeniyi, the distinguished Executive Secretary of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Agency.

The next was with Mr Akínrópò Akinolá sharing deep personal and professional perspectives on our works.

I proceeded to the office of the indefatigable Adesina Ademola Ogunlana for a three-way meeting with the relentless Rebel-with-Cause Dele Farotimi, my brothers and comrades from our days in LASU. Baba Ogunlana, as we call him has been our dependable and selfless leader since then.

The meeting began with an extensive and productive fellowship with Baba Ogunlana. We shared deep matters of this life and discussed into the night. He made a lot of thought-provoking statements. One of such was that we take seeing one another for granted. He said between the last time we saw and that yesterday any of us could have died.

After that rich fellowship, I left but got into another call with a family friend outside Nigeria while in the car taking me home. Busy on that call, the next thing I saw was that the car had found it’s way to a high-rising culvert on the Lekki Epe Expressway and we were hanging in the balance. The car was on it’s way to somersaulting when by a mystery it found it’s way back to the culvert and now to the main road. The engine is broken, car badly damaged and couldn’t move.

People gathered around us. It was late. A man was full of praise for the driver. Only an exceptionally experienced driver could have pulled this. In my mind, I give the praise to God, who dispatched his holy angels to steer the car in the direction or safety.

I stepped aside, with one or two permutations out of the mix, I could have been history. I remember a bosom family member we painfully lost recently just like that to a car accident on this same Lekki-Epe Expressway, broad daylight. I remember the words of Baba Ogunlana about not taking seeing one another for granted. I remember the wife of my youth. I remember our son, born to me at the age of 52, who is now 18 months old. I remember family members and friends and all the dearly beloved people who set their eyes on me yesterday. I quietly departed from the scene and said no word to anyone and even up till now, not even to my twin brother, Kehinde Akinlami, who I have spoken to this morning.

I have been sober and grateful since that day, processing that night, surreal, yet very real.

I thank God. My time is not up. It only means fruitful labor in the ministries He has committed into my hands. Our life is like a vapor. We must make it count by all means necessary in accordance with the eternal purpose of God.


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