Source: News18

A distraught man, Musa, has carried out narrating how his 13 years old sister was cornered by two factory workers and gang raped at the Ajao Estate, Lagos State. The incident happened on the 9th of March 2023, at sundown. The names of the perpetrators have been identified as Ebuka and Darlington. One of the boys have been arrested by the Police and detained while investigating into the case is currently ongoing.


SENSES (Child Safeguarding and Protection Principle):

In Lagos State, Nigeria, Child Sexual Abuse is an offence punishable under the law. The Child’s Rights Law of Lagos State 2015(as amended) expressly prohibits any form of sexual abuse or sexual exploitation towards a Child in any form.

Also, section 137 of the Criminal law of Lagos State 2015 provides that a case of Defilement of a Child is punishable by life imprisonment.

As a primary and secondary, ensuring the safety and protection of our precious children is a responsibility we cannot take lightly. We must always think ahead, anticipate threats to them and put in place measures to prevent or mitigate these threats. From the facts of this case the child was sent out to purchase water unaccompanied this goes contrary to the universal Child Safeguarding and Protection Principles. The child ought to have been accompanied.

It is also important that we state that Child Safeguarding and Protection is everyone’s responsibility, it is important that anyone who sees or suspects that a child is being abused reports to the appropriate authorities immediately.

STONE (Call to action):

We call on the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Agency, Lagos State and all relevant stakeholders to investigate this case and ensure that the perpetrators of the grievous act are punished in accordance with the law and ensure that this child receives any form of support required to recover from the trauma she has been subjected to.

As a Child-Focused Institution we are also available to render legal services towards attaining justice for this child and psychosocial support that she might require.

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