15 Years Like Yesterday

Hello fellow FIREWorkers: I am sure you had a great and INSPIRED weekend. Mine was very INSPIRING. I was with a group of young people yesterday sharing my story…It was awesomely refreshing and INSPIRING.

Let me apologise that I did not come to this page yesterday…I had to make a trip after my engagement with these bright gems and it was quite hectic. I’m yet to recover from the fatigue of the trip.

I should be sharing with you the next topic on our long discussion, Decoding Your Identity but I deem it fit to share with you my story, having been my anniversary of change. I began to decode my identity 15 years ago. Let me share with you a message I shared with a couple of friends yesterday…Please be INSPIRED:

15 years ago by His grace, who mercifully separated me from my mother’s womb, I said, ‘I do’ to the Lord JESUS as His bride.

By the tenets of covenant of that union, sealed in my room on that Sunday morning in Okokomaiko, Lagos, I was translated from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of His dear Son;

I had my citizenship changed;
And was appointed an ambassador of our Kingdom, representing the interests of our HOME COUNTRY in the earthly duty post.

The mandate was clear:
To seek CHANGE through Knowledge;
To practice CHANGE through desire, discipline&skill;
To disseminate CHANGE through my lifestyle.

15 years gone by, I can boast of the faithfulness of the HOME COUNTRY in doing their own part of the deal, even in moments I was unfaithful.
To these ambassadorial mandates I remain committed by His GRACE…Who SAVES and also KEEPS.
Have an INSPIRED day

I’m Taiwo Akinlami & I Lead the TeacherFIRE™ Revolution


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