This Best-Interest-of-the-Child constitution continues today. It is a conversation between a curious child and a willing father. Here they go again.

Child: does the nature of our home set the tone for child rearing?

Dad: As husband and wife, myself and your mum, we further affirm our belief and commitment to the marriage institution between a man and a woman and its God-ordained tenets as the foundation for proper child rearing. We therefore share the submission of Gary Chapman in his book, The Four Seasons of Marriage that, ‘I explored ethnographies compiled by various anthropologists. One conclusive finding of these studies was that marriage between a man and a woman is the central, social building block in every human society, without exception. It is also true that monogamous, lifelong marriage is the universal cultural norm.’

In furtherance therefore, we agree with the conclusion of same author in same book that ‘all research indicates that an intimate marriage provides the safest and most productive climate for raising children.’ Therefore we make a sacrificial commitment to maintain the best of relationships as husband and wife in the best interest of our children.

Child: are you committed to a lifelong marriage as I see that many families are not together?

Dad: While we believe that procreation is not the sole purpose of marriage, we proclaim that since a settled home provides the most formidable platform for raising good children, we make a commitment to lifelong marriage, leaning on God to help us keep our commitment as it is in the best interest of our children.

Child: what role is your role in our ultimate destiny as your children?

Dad: We also believe as complete truth, deserving to be MEDITATED UPON and REGISTERED IN OUR CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (for unfettered respect and action) that except through divine intervention, which provides the foundation for rigorous mind reprogramming and debriefing, once a child is not properly brought up, he has the cross to carry till he returns to the Creator.

Dad: My dear child, I think we should stop here for today. I need to have a very important discussion with your mum today. I will like to note that when I use the word, ‘we’ I refer to your mum and I. We have the same mind and conclusions on matters of the family. I must say I appreciate the fact that you come to me with this questions.

Please I must let you know that I am always ready to listen to you and answer your questions. I will never be too busy for you.

Now, give daddy a big hug. Good night.

Child: thank you dad for your time.


  1. your message is very good but I think you speak too much grammar. keep it simple for better understanding and greater fun. kudos!

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