Child: Hello Dad, thank you for your time yesterday. I have been thinking about some of the things you have been sharing with me. I am eager to learn more. My dear dad, someone mentioned something about a law that is meant to protect the rights of children. Are you aware of the law?

Dad:  I am aware of the law. It is called the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 and 24 States in Nigeria have passed it into law. Your mum and I have read the law and we found it interesting. In fact, we believe in and uphold as credible navigator to raising balanced children, the spirit, principle and provisions of the Child Rights Act, 2003. As time goes on in this discussion, I will share with you more about the law. It talks about your 4(four) baskets of rights and not only that it talks about your responsibilities.

Child: Thank you Dad. I am aware the law talks about The-Best-Interest-of-the-Child, can you please talk about that briefly?  

Dad: We proclaim unalloyed agreement with the age-long position of the Common Law, the United Nations, national and international legislations (including the Child’s Rights Act, 2003) that The-Best-Interest-of-the-Child (spirit, soul and body) must be the primary focus of every stakeholder in the life of the child, particularly parents, who are the first contact of the children with the world.

Child: is it true that children are vulnerable?

Dad: We believe that the vulnerability of the child is not in his fragility but in the inability of the custodians of his spirit, soul and body to rise to the defence of his existence either by commission or omission. The first set of custodian, who set the tone of the life of the child are the parents/guardians, who must not only be aware of their responsibility in this regards but must also be committed in performing the divinely assigned role.

My dear child, I must let you know that I am enjoying this discussion. I am glad that you can walk up to me and ask questions. I must also say that your questions are very intelligent. It means you are a very intelligent child. We will continue tomorrow. God bless you my child.

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