15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School (16)

Appearing here today gives me fulfilment. I am persuaded that fulfilment is connected to enthusiasm and excitement about life.  I am also of the firm opinion that a man’s relevance and impact in life is connected to his fulfilment in what he does.

I will like to share today the 11th fact you must consider before you register your children in school: what does the school system understand by discipline? Discipline is a lost practice in homes and the school system today. In fact it is the most abused phenomenon in homes and schools today. Many, who claim to discipline the child, do not even understand the true meaning of the practice. I have often wondered why people engage in the debate of the method of discipline without settling the motive, which begins with the clear understanding of discipline. Motive teaches us how to handle the thin line between discipline and punishment. Discipline gives to the child while punishment takes from the child. Discipline helps the child to be conscious of his dignity of human person through the teaching of established values, first by modelling (living by example) and secondly by instruction. Punishment takes away the dignity of human person in the child through accusations. Discipline leaves the child loaded with values. Punishment leaves the child empty of values but full of bitterness. All you need to punish is anger. All you need to discipline is skill, patience and faith.

In view of the foregoing I do not join the debate of whether to beat a child or not. I think that is a secondary debate. The first debate should be if we understand the meaning of discipline. My research and personal and field experiences have revealed to me that motive is superior to method.  I have concluded that if we get the motive of discipline right, we will be automatically instructed on the method.

One major problem which the school system faces today is how to discipline children. There is an argument between those who believe in corporal punishment and those who do not. The people who endorse corporal punishment live under the fear that teachers may abuse children in the process. The teachers in the school where corporal punishment is not encouraged are frustrated as they have not been trained on how to deploy positive discipline mechanism. I have done an extensive work on this issue. I urge you to read up on my blog (www.taiwoakinlami.com): Child’s Rights and Discipline: The UNCOMMON Theory: 25 Core Habit of a Purposeful, Disciplined and Effective disciplinarian.

I advise that before you register your child in a school, investigate or ask question on their policy for discipline of children.

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