15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School (17)

My joy knows no bounds as a result of feedbacks I get in respect of this series. The feedbacks are evident of the impact that the series is making and I am glad. For me writing is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. The end is to bring to the front burner of the conscience and consciousness of the members of the public matters of child protection.

Permit me to bring to you today, the 12th fact you must consider before you register your child in a school: is there a mechanism to foster genuine relationship between parents and the school system.  Giving a future and a hope to a child will require the cooperation of parents and the school authority. Such collaboration must be deliberately fostered. It must not be by default. Once it is by default, it will not be predicated on principles. If it is not predicated on principles, it will not be consistent and once it is not consistent, it will not create any meaningful impact. The parents must not completely abandon the destiny of their children to school and the school also must not think that they can do all for the child. The role of the school in child upbringing is not absolute; it is complimentary. Parents must not make the mistake of limiting their responsibility to paying school fees. Paying school fees does not necessarily make you parents. If paying school fees is the only thing, which make you a parents, then anyone or institution, who gives a child scholarship must lay claim to parenthood. You must participate in the affairs of the school. You must have a say in policy formulations. Parents should have a representation on the board of the school and ensure that there is a robust Parents/School System Association, which serves as a check and balance to the school system.

I think it is the responsibility of the parents to find out if there is a mechanism in place within the school system to encourage active participation of parents and guardian in the running of the school.

I beg to sign out today. Do have an INSPIRED day.

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