On Tuesday, February 5, 2013 Social Works Watch(SW2) will debut on this blog. The focus of the new category is to monitor social works, being undertaken by individual citizens, arms of government at all levels and their agencies, corporate entities, Organized Social Works Society (Non-Governmental Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations and related bodies), particularly in promotion and defence of Child Rights, Protection and Social Empowerment  of children and young people.

The goal of this monitoring effort is play the role of  a watchdog, thereby putting the parties (individual citizens, arms of government at all levels and their agencies, corporate entities, Organized Social Works Society) identified above on their toes to do all in the best interest of the child as at when due.

As we progress, we will look beyond matters relating strictly to children. We will look into the general environment in which the child grows; we will monitor the commitment of government and its functionaries to the principle of Social Contract; we will ask question about the genuine commitment of corporate bodies to Corporate Social Responsibility and the rest; we will play without fear or favour the role of watchdog.

It will come to you every Tuesday, except if there is breaking news in this area that we need to report in the course of the week. We welcome your reports in this areas.

The other adjustments I have made is that Daily FIREworks is now renamed FIREworks on Monday. Articles under FIREworks on Monday will focus on offering inspiration to teachers, who I refer to as great souls. It will be published every Monday as an inspirational boost for the teachers to start their week with. My daily articles will now come under ChildPLUS™, which will address matters that relate to child protection and educate custodians on how to maximize their roles.

Thank you for staying with me.

Have an INSPIRED week.

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