The TeacherERFIRE™ Revolution is our program to the Private and Public school system in Africa. It is a program for teachers. For the purpose of the Revolution, the teacher is defined thus:

‘Our study reveals that EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING (including non-living things) within an institution of learning is a SOURCE OF INFLUENCE on the child, including his/her peers. The child is socialised mainly by what he/she observes. His/her socialisation determines his/her psychology (mental functions and behaviours). The child also has a lot to teach every other stakeholder in an institution of learning, particularly as it relates to advancing his/her best interest in all things.’

The Philosophy of the Revolution is summed up thus:

‘To raise within the mainstream of the Nigerian and African institutions of learning a BEST-INTEREST-OF-THE-CHILD-conscious generation of teachers, instructors, workers, managers and leaders, who DELIBERATELY combine DIVINE WISDOM, PASSION, COMPASSION, CONVICTION, SENSE OF MISSION and PROFESSIONALISM to CONNECT with the child’s HEAD and HEART, thereby IGNITING and NURTURING(through positive pattern of exemplary behaviour, cutting-edge policies and total and disciplined adherence to the formulated policies) into MATURITY his/her GOD-endowed HUMAN INGENUITY, the fundamental trait of a COMPLETE CHILD.’

Of the Revolution Dr. (Mrs.) C.O. Ogunsanya, Managing Director, Oxbridge Tutorial College, G.R.A. Ikeja and Chairman, Association of Private Educators of Nigeria (APEN) Board of Trustees said, ‘I commend your presentation. It was backed up with so much passion. We all found it very inspiring and will definitely recommend you to others.’

Today I share with teachers what I have titled,THE TEACHERFIRE™ REVOLUTION- A PERSONAL PROCLAMATION. As the lead Resource Person, I lead teachers to make this proclamation during the dissemination of the Revolution in Institutions of Learning…It has been inspiring and I am persuaded it will inspire you today:

I am a Teacher,

I’m on FIRE,

Moved by the Passion of Compassion,

Motivated by the Power of Conviction,

Sustained by a Sense of Mission.

I am a Teacher,

I’m on FIRE,

I am a torch,

I lead the way,

I illuminate the way,

And lit others.

I am a Teacher,

I’m on FIRE,

I train with my values and lifestyle,

I lead.

I posses the Game Changer Mentality,

I inspire.

I advance daily in knowledge and skills,

I’m equipped.

I care with my heart,

I’m concerned.

I hear with my inner ears,

I’m alert.

I engage innovation to empower,

I’m open.

I rely solely on God for direction,

I’m empowered.

I am sent to save humanity,

I salt.

I am a Teacher,

I’m on FIRE,

I hold firm and dear to the core of my conscience,

An immovable commitment to do all,

Yes, all in the best-interest-of-the-child.

Notes: If you have been inspired by this, please pass it on.  2348033620843

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