To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(6)

It is a public holiday my dear child and its family day. I am glad for days like these, which gives us the opportunity to fellowship as a family.

I will not take too much of your time today because, I know you will want to set time aside to rest. I will like go quickly to discussing our commandments:

6. Find your identity and live by it: a man who is in honour and does not know it is like the beast that perish, says the Holy Writ. It means identity is very important to our existence. It means what set us apart from the beast of the field is not the fact that we are human beings; it is the fact that we know it.  Actually, knowing, who we are is what puts us in dominion. Identity goes to the root of your purpose here on earth. I think our identity as human beings is very easy to know and I will show you how.  Many people have said that to know our identity and find, who we really are, we should look inside. I have asked, how do we navigate our inside? How do you know what is in your inside? Some have said, we should follow our heart and I have asked, how do you know where your heart leads? What will be the compass of finding yourself in your heart?

I have concluded that since we did not create ourselves, we must look to the one who created us to our identity as human beings. Creation and the creatures therein is God’s sole and independent idea. He did not consult man before embarking on the glorious project. I therefore think, it amount to nothing but being prideful and submitting to self-deception to seek to find our identity without consulting the One, who initiated the project. I submit, my dear child that our identity is found in our Maker. We are created in His image and likeness. His image means His essence and His likeness means His attributes. My dear child, we are like God, He is our Father. He is our Source and Sustainer. He created us to be in dominion, but do you know that we cannot be in dominion except we recognized that we are created in His image and His likeness and decide to possess that priceless heritage?

So my dear child, hear me well, you are created in the image and the likeness of God. This means, you are created with what I call Human Ingenuity. This Human Ingenuity, which is implanted inside of you by your Maker, has two main characteristics: the first is that you are limitless in your capacity to create; it means, everything that has been created is a proof to you that you can do better. You know my child, there was a time man was told, he could not fly because of a law, called the law of gravity. Majority of man believed it until The Wright Brothers came and challenged that belief. They questioned the law of gravity. Today, man is not only in the air, we have gone to the moon. The law of lift and the law of aerodynamics have overthrown the law of gravity. You see my child, when you recognized that you have inside of you Human Ingenuity, fully installed, you will not struggle with any subject in school. You will understand that it is an insult on your installed capacity of Human Ingenuity to fail any subject. Knowing that these subjects are created by human beings like you, using their Human Ingenuity, you should not only pass excellently, but be thinking of creating your own subjects that others will study, provided that is your area of calling in life.

The second characteristic of Human Ingenuity is that you are limitless in your options. Your options in life are infinite. This means you can never be stranded. It also means that whatever you want to do, there are countless ways of doing it. If you fail in one way, it doesn’t call for anxiety. You see, I advise you to just ask God to show you the options when you face any situation. I also accept the responsibility to teach you the principles that help you to find options. I think the first is to be calm, knowing that you cannot be stranded; the second is to pray to God for wisdom, acknowledging Him and requesting Him to lead you; the third is to seek counsel from like-minds like me and you know I am always available.

I believe that we have dealt with the issue of identity square and fair. I think we should round off here. We will continue tomorrow. I love you my dear child. Do have an INSPIRED day.

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