To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Think Beyond Yourself

My dear child, sure you are doing great today. We are getting close to the middle of the first month in the year. This is how time flies my child. In fact, it does not wait for anyone. It is our responsibility that we tract it and get to give our best as the day go by.

My dear child, it is time to do all the good we can to all the people we can with all the resources we can. It is time to stop gazing and start being a blessing to this generation and the generation beyond. I will not preempt myself, my child. I will continue in the line of the commandment:

7. Think Beyond Yourself: my dear child, I think it is time to teach you some sociology. What is this scary big word? Sociology is the study of society, social relationships, including social and human behavior. Sociology shows us the impact of our society on us. It also shows us how much of our society that is in us. My dear child, our society today is selfish. Almost everybody wants to fend for himself and himself alone. The unwritten survival code is ‘everyone to himself, God for us all.’ This is so because, the State as represented by our Government has failed woefully to meet the need of the people as envisaged by what is called Social Contract. So the people have signed up for what is called the Rat Race of survival in seeking for their daily bread. My child, it is called the life of the jungle and the popular saying is ‘no paddy for jungle.’ It means no friendship in the jungle. You too, look at it among your peers, if someone is very good in a subject, he does not want to teach others. He does not want to share his food with others, though he may want to eat from others. The list is endless.  This will surprise you my dear child, but it is true, a six year old was asked what he would do if he is elected the president of Nigeria. He responded by saying, ‘I will buy one car for my dad, I will buy one car for my mum, I will buy one car for myself and I will resign.’ This example is yet another proof that the spirit of selfishness has spilled over into your own generation.

My charge to you today dear child is for you to swim against the tide of this popular but bad spirit. I charge you to please think beyond yourself. You remember that I always tell you from your childhood that there is love in sharing. As a matter of fact love is all about sharing. I mean the number one proof of love is sharing. I will still share with you about love in another of our discussion. I am just talking about love here as it relates to thinking beyond yourself.

My dear child, this is my point, there is nothing that we have today that we did not receive from God and if we truly agree that we receive, then it is foolish for us to boast or to behave as if we own it. The other point is that, whatever, we have received from God, we receive to share. We do not receive to use for ourselves alone. Get this point, my dear child, we are not owners of anything in our possession; we are just stewards. Stewardship demands faithfulness and just distribution. The distributor does not need to have lion share. The distributor is to distribute justly. I love what someone said, ‘do not judge the day by the harvest you reap, judge it by the seed you sow. I guess I know why the person said so, it is because we live by our seed. It means the day we stop sowing, we start dying. God created us to live by sowing. That is why He always gives us something we can sow. Look at it my child, nature has demonstrated it well, as you receive oxygen, you must give out carbon dioxide to stay alive. The more you give out carbon dioxide; the more you create a room to receive oxygen. You also know that plants live on your own carbon dioxide.  Therefore, if you do not release it, the plants will not grow and if the plants do not grow, we may have no food to eat to stay alive. So when you give your carbon dioxide to the plants, you are not doing them a favour. Necessity is laid upon you by nature and you also benefit from it ultimately.

My dear child, you always have something to sow, smile, talent, good example,, attitude, food, money, and many others. If you have eaten breakfast and you have hope for dinner, learn to give out your lunch. You can put something aside out of every money that comes into your hand as your ‘Personal Charity Fund’ (PCF). You may disburse it monthly by buying something for orphanages and other related homes. If you are good in one subject, do not hide your knowledge from other. Allow others to share your toys.

Please my dear child, take this from me, there is nothing like ‘the underprivileged.’ Nobody is created by God with the tag, ‘the underprivileged.’ It is the selfishness and the refusal of man to share that created what we now celebrate as ‘the underprivileged.’ This tag, ‘the underprivileged is a sign of our irresponsibility to fellow man.

In concluding today, I will share with you the story of a thirteen year old girl, who raised money to rebuild a public school. She was Adeife Akin-Deko. She attended a private school. She was returning from an excursion with her friends, when she was that this public primary, where the pupils sat on the floor to learn. She decided to raise money from her friends and their parents to rebuild the school. She did. She was later shot dead at a very tender age but she has left a legacy behind. It is not therefore how, long, it is how well my dear child.

I charge you my child to understand that you should be careful, how you use the word, ‘my’ and if you have to use it, know that it is with the mindset that you are holding all or part of it in trust for the one, who you are to share it with. As I have told you before what you have in your hands is not yours. You are the caretaker of it. The Holy Writ says, ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’ I charge you my dear child to live a more blessed life.

I am through for the day. It is time to say goodbye. My dear child, I know that goodbye is one of the hardest things to say to the person(s) we love but there comes a time when it becomes inevitable, like right now. Here is my big hug as we end our discussion today. I promise to be here again with you tomorrow and you know in our own family, promise is a debt that must be paid. Do have an INSPIRED day my dear child.

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