Dateline was Wednesday, April 10, 2019 and I, The Preacher was on my 3rd Missionary Journey to Apata Memorial School, Isolo, Lagos to speak at the Parents Forum of the highly esteemed institution of learning. My fellow Preacher and dearly beloved wife, Oluwafunmilayo AKINLAMI was on another Missionary Journey to Ikorodu to speak to the gathering of precious young people, who gathered under the platform of Read & Lead Potential Resources
So, ONE DAY, TWO MISSIONARY JOURNEYS and we disseminated ONE MESSAGE and ONE MISSION…What is the MESSAGE? It is time for us to encourage and empower our precious African young people to SHOW UP… STAND OUT…SHOW OFF…
The MISSION is to raise a new generation of precious young people, who are aware and empowered SHOW UP to play their inevitable roles in their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION, triumphing over the complexities of the 21st century… STAND OUT to take timely advantage the innumerable opportunities of the 21st century and SHOW OFF the the priceless dividends of living according to POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM
Our MISSION both in Isolo and Ikorodu and every where we go is to Dim the light on complexities and shine the light on the opportunities of the 21st for the precious African young people
Yes, we are in the information age,..the fast lane where every bad, good and ugly infirmation is just a click away, where every substance has the propensity to be abused as a stimulant and the internet has compressed the world into an open global space without borders.
This is the 21st century in our precious children are being raised.Yes, no doubt, the complexities are many and I must say this is not the easiest time to raise children or to be children.
However as solution minded people, we must DELIBERATELY DIM THE LIGHT ON THE COMPLEXITIES and ILLUMINATE THE OPPORTUNITIES that so abound, guiding our precious children into the abundantly existing opportunities.
Permit us to submit that our world is tired of good mannered children without any modicum impact or aspirations to do great things.
This is our commitment at the #SAFE4MEMOVEMENTand this was our message to both at Isolo and Ikorodu yesterday.
At Apata Memorial Schools, many parents were enlisted in the process of teaching children the right values when they invested massively in the SAFEVille, our monthly comic.
The train of the revolution is on and no one, who understands the signs of the time must be left behind…One single sign of commitment to the revolution is to order and subscribe to our monthly comic, SAFEVille and enlist your precious young ones in the noble MISSION to SHOW UP…STAND OUT and SHOW OFF… Please don’t put aside this piece until you place that order of subscription…It is just a DM away.

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