THAT TVC Interview on Reading CULTURE in Nigeria



So TVC News was at our S.A.F.E™ Haven, Lagos to interview The Preacher. Subject of discussion was demise of reading culture in our society today.

I was asked why I write and I responded that writing is one of the ways by which you extend yourself and the message you carry in your lifetime and beyond.

To another question on why I think our young people do not read. I responded by saying that reading, research and development are ventures that are neither sparingly not handsomely rewarded. Whatever a society rewards,it encourages and whatever it encourages, it multiplies and whatever it multiplies becomes the dominant behaviour in the society.

As a society, we have so much respect for certificate and not necessarily the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE it claims to confer. We are crazy about titles but not substance. We have a form of intellectualism but deny the POWER and the PRODUCTIVITY thereof.

It is The Preacher’s submission today that we must change the tide of pseudo intellectualism and embrace the revolution of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE, undergirded by POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM.

We must start this revolution with our precious young people encouraging, empowering them to SHOW UP… STAND OUT and SHOW OFF…

We do not think there is a better way to be part of the life of our precious young people today than to help them to navigate the opportunities and complexities of the 21st than to empower them to access and annex the opportunities and triumph over the complexities…

That is the message of our #SAFE4MEMovement #SAFE4MEEncounter and #SAFEVille, our monthly comic. Thus ,we urge you to be part of the movement by signing up for our #SAFEVille Comic. And there is no better time to do that than today… RIGHT NOW…




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  1. Precisely The Preacher, we need to change our focus on intellectualism and embrace the revolution of KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE, undergirded by POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM. This is why I believe the initiative I have been inspired to develop is apt in times like this.
    “Active learning, Value-Based, Non- Cognitive Transformational Education”.
    This is the solution to the Educational decadence, poor skills and eroded value system in Nigeria.
    It goes beyond the ‘Academics’.
    It requires training of best brains who are interested, passionate about teaching in research validated strategies.
    The outcome is that such trained personnel will in turn develop creative, critical thinkers, who are socially well-adjusted, life long learners.
    No short cut.

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