I’ve spent donkey years in the trenches of Social Empowerment Advocacy (SEA), which is my coinage for what I do in attempt to distinguish it from empty activism, rich in words but very poor in productive actions.

One thing that has become clear to me is that anger is not a tool of any meaningful and enduring change so also is the habit of talking the talk while there is no commitment to walk the walk. Anger, where it becomes the motivation for engagement makes cheap preys of it’s bearers. Mere talk when it becomes a person’s permanent emblem of expression harvest nothing but acute dose of frustration.

It with the foregoing at the back of our minds the we always seek to convert our anger to a manure for incubating and executing progressive actions aimed at an finding solutions and add strategic actions to our words. We call it, putting your actions, where your mouth is.

On Saturdays, August 17 & 24, 2019, we had the maiden editions of our #SAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB, hosting a total of 118 precious young person and placing in their hands a 356 copies of the S.A.F.E™VILLE comic.

The focus of the club is to inculcate Positive Value System in our precious youngsters through PLAY and empower them to SHOW UP for their PERSONAL SAFETY & SELF-PROTECTION, STAND OUT in discovering and exploring the limitless opportunities of being a young person in the 4th Industrial Revolution and SHOW OFF as models of Positive Value System.

Our unforgettable #SAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB experience with these precious youngsters, who were with us from 9AM-4PM and would not want to leave and requested to be back and the unusual cooperation and trust we received from parents/guardians and sponsors told us one thing, we have just begun another phase of our movement without actually knowing it and we now have to be deliberate about same.

The movement is known as #SAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB and we shall seek hold this meeting all over Africa, beginning from Nigeria. We shall seek to host a minimum of 100 youngsters (7-18) and put 300 copies of our S.A.F.E™VILLE Comics in their hands and those close to them.

We count on your support and if you are wondering how to support this noble cause, I am just a DM away.

Do have an INSPIRED week.



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