Welcome to Day One of our 15 Days series forerunning our S.A.F.E™ School of STANDARDS holding on Saturday February 29, 2020, where we will be disseminating a join program of The Power Parenting Company and S.A.F.E™ 4 Children Society: PARENTING According to SOCIAL PROTECTION

I don’t think an action or omission can be noble not to talk of being effective and consistent without those practicing it knowing for certainty what it is or what it entails, you may want to call it the terms of reference.

Having pioneered the field of Social Empowerment Advocacy focusing on Securing a FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for Children, working at the highest level of career expression in Nigeria with distinguished individuals and organisations, creating REGISTER that have been accepted and commonly used today, I make bold to say that the Third World needs its own ‘Social Dictionary,'(my coinage) describing the realities of our experiences and how to relate and improve on same for the benefit of us all.

For example, we need an African Social Dictionary that defines school not as contained in the English Dictionary as an ideal reality of experiences of the members of the society from where the Dictionary evolved; but as it is being experienced by our precious children both from the upper and lower crusts of the African society.

On a more general scale, we need to define governance and government as we experience it in Africa because the English Dictionary is miserably inadequate to define what governance and government is to us in Africa. What is defined as democracy in the First World is not what is defined as democracy here experientially.

It is my well considered opinion that it represents the height of deception or misleading our young people to continue to define social concepts like schooling and schools, childhood and children, governance and government in the reality of First World definitions. We must do a comparative analysis of definitions, aimed at opening their eyes to the reality of our perculair social experiences so that they can see where the gaps are, embrace same as a mission and be properly guided by the universal principles of excellence of human development.

It is in this light also we must define PARENTING according to our Social realities. I think rethinking of a social concept begins from defining the reality of what it is to a people experientially, justapox it with what it is in societies that have excelled in same and receive social counsel as to how to manage and close the gaps.

On Saturday, February 29, 2020, at the PARENTING According to SOCIAL PROTECTION conversation, we will delve into the African Social Dictionary and see what we call PARENTING in Africa, the uniqueness and the gaps it carries in view of today’s global realities and our roles in managing and closing the gaps for the BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILD.

This is different…It is fresh and above all ORIGINAL…

Follow the link below to register today and help share this within your areas of influence.

See you in class and do have an INSPIRED day.



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