I do not think I have in the last 23 years been fascinated by any other human endevour than consciously investing humongous resources in the study the PERSON OF THE CHILD and the institution that attempt to encapsulate him/her, which I love to refer to as CHILDHOOD.

I think my fascination is first borne out of the fact that I was a child, whose personhood(both from the objective and subjective angles) was neither studied nor discovered by his handler. Therefore my person as a child was never unleashed. I was a child, who never experienced CHILDHOOD.

Now as an adult, like Kunta Kinte in the  Roots, I have been deliberately looking for my childhood, recreating what life could have been as a child, if there was a deliberate effort to find and give my person and all the uniqueness it divinely contained. I have continued to use my adult mind to interrogate my childhood and my dedicated efforts under God has yielded tremendous results.

I think the second reason why I am fascinated by the study of THE PERSON OF THE CHILD and CHILDHOOD is that the field of study is enormously vast. As Africans, since we have not made deliberate efforts to invest tangible and intangible resources in this field, we really do not know what it is, not to talk of discovering the vastness and elastic potentials residing therein.

My greatest fear today is that these vast and elastic potentials may never see the light of day in the lives of many African Children. Why? We don’t invest in the SOCIAL PROTECTION. Why? We neither know the PERSON OF THE CHILD nor CHILDHOOD.

I used to say 2 or 3 years ago that for anyone to effectively play any role in the life of a child, he/she must first graduate from what I call the School of Childhood. But I have come to discover as I study further that there is no graduation from the School of Childhood. It must be a lifetime commitment.

Who is THE PERSON OF THE CHILD from the universal and Third World perspectives? How is CHILDHOOD interpreted in a CHANGED world?

Maria Montessori warned that for us to instruct the child, we must first study him/her.

As we hold the conversation, PARENTING ACCORDING TO SOCIAL PROTECTION, I will be sharing with you distinguished participants rare concepts on the THE PERSON OF THE CHILD and CHILDHOOD beyond the letters of the law, which are incurably limited in defining the essence of THE PERSON OF THE CHILD. I will also be sharing some tools on how to study and discover the PERSON of your own child and the CHILDHOOD you must deliberately empowered in the 21st Century.

The date is Saturday, February 29, 2020.

Please register here right NOW and kindly share within your areas of influence.

Thank you and do have an INSPIRED day.


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