She lives wholesome, living full and free to give exceptional expression to all that God created her to be as a woman of meaning and substance.

She lives wholesome in the discovery of  the truth of her conscience and has found the uncommon courage and the  freedom of her sprit and soul to speak the same for the priceless benefits her family, friends and the world at large.

Having listen and interacted with her family closely and enjoyed the tremendous blessings of her wealth of wisdom for over 2 decades, I testify that she is full of divine energy and invaluable insights to have a deliberate and life changing conversations with women on the area of their wholeness spirit, soul and body.

We bring to you distinguished women,  highly esteemed Mrs. Tiwalade SORIYAN, a woman, who walks the talk and brings all of her self into giving unusually impactful expression to her subject matters.

Register here http://bit.ly/Wowwithchildren to join @fullandfree as she leads conversation on the tested principles she has touched, tested and handled and has made her WHOLENESS personified.

See you above the waters dearly beloved woman.


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