A prodigy is a highly talented child and I think it is the reserve of every child born into this world.

If it is reserved, it must be activated.

The question then becomes, how do we activate the same as primary and secondary parents?

If it is activated and given expression, how do we work with our precious children?

A fully activated prodigy often becomes a working child in the entertainment, media, tech, sports, education spaces and more. He/she stands shoulder to shoulder with adults in his/her field and the demands on him/her to perform is not less.

Yet, being a prodigy does not on the face of it confer character.

Most prodigies become the businesses of their parents, providing them management services, which in most cases their only claim to capacity is the fact that they are parents of the prodigies. Research shows that the relationships hardly end well and the prodigies often become shadows of themselves, particularly in moral and emotional stability and finding their identities.

How do we keep the blessings that prodgies are, despite the formidable threats that stare such precious children in the face.

What are the strategies, tactics and lessons from the world most celebrated prodigies, how they were raised, how they evolved, how they got it ultimately right or wrong and the relationship that now exists with their parents.

Join me as I do this series, promoting the best interest of our precious children and highest standards of parenting possible in the world today.

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