Welcome to The Family Strengthening Parliament today.

The is a public discussion and public service innovation, aimed at calling our attention to contemporary issues we face as we seek to provide a hope and a future for our precious children.

What is your view about raising Socially Conscious Children? I mean children and young people, who are aware of our social and political history, governance, power dynamics, public service delivery, equity, justice, patriotism and the likes enough to conceive and lead positive change from where they are as young people.

The way things are today, I have noticed that we discuss everything with young people but the politics of the nation, which holds the key to the soul of the nation.

There are programs on coding, entrepreneurship, money management, personal safety and self-protection, religion and more. I hardly see any on things like the role of children in Nation Building. Thus we focused our last S.A.F.E®VILLE Conference on the subject matter.

If a nation is not well, nothing is well and if it is going to be well, it is the people, who will make it well. But do we neglect our precious children in practical discussions on the state of their nation.

Everyone conversation today in Syria, Lybia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Iraq and even North Eastern Nigeria with any group, including children and young people is primarily on Welfare and Security of the people. Every other conversation is subject to the stability of the nations, mentioned here.

I decided sometimes last year that anytime I am with children, I will discuss the state of a nation with them, helping them to understand that they are leaders of today.

We must not think they are not already aware. It is not in the nature of nature to allow vacuum and the negatives are easier to pick than positives, I soberly assure you that they are already picking up the negatives and internalising the toxics. Yet they need to guided rightly and that seems to be missing in the equation.

On Thursday, I will be back to share the SPEAKER’S FINAL TAKE and share some stories with you, which indicate the state of minds of our precious children and the need for them to be guided.

Please feel free to join the parliament today and share your candid views and experiences about this matter.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

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