Recent School-Related Children’s Deaths & Abuses: WHAT We MUST ALL Do NOW

We have recorded deaths of our precious children in the space of 6 months or less and we don’t seem to know the number. This is accompanied by various cases of Child Sexual Abuse

Sylvester Oromoni allegedly died from the impact of bullying under the watch of his Lagos high street school.

Returning from school, precious children were allegedly crushed to death by a van in Lagos.

Bright Chidalu Onyekwuluje allegedly died in a school in Anambra from neglect

Emanuel Ọjọ allegedly died in an Akure(Ondo State) school while playing unsupervised.

Karen Happuch died, allegedly sexually abused under the watch of her Abuja high street school.

A Girl child was allegedly abused and beaten up  in a secondary in Uyo.

This is worrisome and as a society, we cannot afford to be complacent and  consider these deaths are normal.

In our this broadcast  we looked at the roles of all members of the society and what can be done by ALL

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Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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