Iku Di Meji Epini(Life is Cheaper than a Cent)…For Mrs Omobolanle Raheem, Wife, Mother, Expectant Mother, Legal Practitioner, the most recent KNOWN casualty of the Nigerian State’s ‘nest of killers.’

Iku Di Meji Epini
Life is Cheaper than a Cent
For Mrs Omobolanle Raheem, Wife, Mother, Expectant Mother, Legal Practitioner, the most recent KNOWN casualty of the Nigerian State’s ‘nest of killers.’

I think I have lost count of how many pieces I have written under this title.

The title, which stuck to me from my childhood, listening to Ebenezer Fabiyi Obey is a testament to the tragedy of the Nigerian state, the state of nature, where life means nothing.

It is a place where your personal and professional attainments do not also necessarily add much value to your life. From Dele Giwa, accomplished journalist at 39, Bola Ige, a serving Federal Minister of Justice at 71, Alfred Rewane, renowned businessman, philanthropist and politician at 79, Kudirat Abiola, democracy campaigner and wife of the winner of the June 12 election at 45, M.K.O. Abiola, Nigeria President in waiting at 61 to Funso Williams, accomplished politician and major gubernatorial contender, Lagos State at 58, just to mention a few, the Nigerian state by direct and indirect initiation of murders, refusal and cover up in bringing culprits to book and creating enabling environment for impunity and indifference in the disposition of its agents to life and property has won its right and badge of dishonor as the unrepentant breeder of the biggest nest of killers in Nigeria.

It is from this kind of system people demand justice when an innocent Nigerian, who was not as prominent as some of the people I mentioned above is killed by one of the sponsored machineries of the Nigerian state. Of course, the media is awash as usual with stories and inside stories, blogger and vloggers are busy punching their key boards, in the name of demanding for justice, NGO and political activists put their activism phone on speed dial. Analysis upon analysis on how to demand for justice. The state government issues a statement siding up with justice. All the accusing fingers point to the man who pulled the trigger and the vilified institution he represents.

All said and done, some in the media now have more followers and the accompanied Naira or Dollars in the bank, the state government receives some accolade for siding up with justice, the police hierarchy is celebrated for not sparing their own.

Yet, the character of the Nigerian state as the breeder of a nest of killers is untouched. The state wins again against most of us, who have deliberately swallowed the hook of self-deception. We hang our boots of many colours until the state strikes again, taking innocent souls through deaths of children through preventable childhood diseases, attack on our precious children’s schools, police brutality, train hijack, terrorist and banditry attacks, kidnapping, armed robbery and the likes.

The Nigerian state does not have justice in its foundation and DNA and it cannot dispense the same and it has never pretended it can or will.

I think what we should be discussing now is the rebirth of Nigeria and a dismantling of this present unjust social, economic and political system via a peaceful revolution.

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead dear compatriots


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