Source: KPRC 2

A HISD parent wants answers after she says her 5- year-old daughter was touched inappropriately at school by another student.

Few things stood out in this reports and we will itemized them for our instructions as primary and secondary parents:

  1. Speaking Out: A mother’s commitment to get the school to take responsibility for the Safeguarding and Protection of her precious daughter.
  2. Ethical Reporting: KPRC 2 followed to the letter the recommendations of UNICEF on how to report matters relating to abuse of our precious children, namely,

a. The identity of the child(name and image) was withheld.

  1. Involvement of Medical and Psychosocial service providers to attend to the medical and social impact of the matter.

The second lesson stands out for us as we have kept pointing out the ethical blunders of most media platforms, particularly in Africa, who throw an abused child farther under the bus of public shame and stigma(by revealing their identity) in the name of defending their rights. We were still adressing this 2 days ago as the subject of our board.

We invite you to join the conversation by sharing your views on the points we highlighted and your own deductions as primary and secondary parents upon watching the short clip below.

Most importantly, what Child Safeguarding and Protection questions do you think the mother should ask as she takes her precious children to another school(s)?

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.


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