Celebrating the Hands that Rock the Cradle

There is a mother in every woman, even when they are yet to have biological or adopted children.

The woman’s nurturing spirit is a priceless gift from God to the humanity around them, if activated and nurtured from childhood. The nurturing spirit is eloquently expressed through motherhood both as primary and secondary parents. 

Our work of Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children rest mostly on the shoulders of women of diverse identies, colours, cultures, classes, continents and discipline. They play pivotal roles in creating an enabling environment for us to thrive in our commitment to build an Africa (and a world around it) fit for our precious children.

To the selfless African mothers and mothers around the world, members of the Taiwo AKINLAMI Faculty, our partners and other compatriots around the world, we wish you happy Mother’s Day. Now is our salvation nearer than we first believed and began to build a world fit for our precious children. 

To the mother of our home, Olufunmilayo AKINLAMI,  Mummy Tieriayooluwa, happy Mother’s Day to you. You are a mother indeed, in truth, in action and in ways more than a million.

I conclude today with the  words of William Ross Wallace, penned since 1865, ‘The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World’  

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead. 


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