Friday, July 26 & Monday 29-Wednesday 31, I am facilitating for the British Council the Connecting Classrooms School Leadership program to four(4) different sets of School Leaders within the private and public school sector in Lagos State.

Over the years(since 2013) working with these men and women, I can vouch in my conscience that these educationists and school leaders are forward looking men and woman of good conscience, doing their best to provide leadership in a most difficult sector in Nigeria, known as the educational section. I salute their doggedness as men and women, who are humble, share their struggles and are open to learning new ways of leading in difficult circumstances.

I conclude that these leaders are heroes, that they are most unsung does not change the reality of their status. They are heroes to every child, whose life they impact.

I appeal to our nation to stop making demands where we have not invested. We expect miracles from our distinguished teachers and leaders and yet we made no special investment commensurate to the miracles we demand.

I have done an extensive survey on the remuneration system of teacher in Africa and there is no benchmark. Look at the climes where teachers and leaders are the best, the nation invest the best in them.

So, I shared with these distinguished leaders, I took last Friday that to lead is in important that they are Consumed by a vision, Committed to a mission, Confront, Take strategic Risk, Provide Direction, Communicate vision clearly, Commit to study and personal development, Sit in other people’s shoes, Live Sacrificially.

Since my last class, I have received testimonies from these great people and I am kind of fulfilled that there is a shifting going on right in the individual lives of these leaders and same will have direct impact on the precious children under their care.

Thank you British Council for the investment and the opportunity to be of service to these great souls.

For everyone within the educational section accept my highest regards and do have an INSPIRED week.

#thepreacherreportingfromthetrenches #connectingclassrooms #schoolleadership
@ngbritish @ukinnigeria

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